Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Your Spring-Cleaning Guide is here!

Spring is here!!  The weather is starting to warm up and that means you will be opening the doors and windows! PÜR Evergreen® has created a Spring-Cleaning guide and check list to help you this Spring!

Colorado has some of the most beautiful sceneries around!  We Coloradans love to be outdoors hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, exploring small towns and lakes, and breaking out those running shoes.  The question is, how can we have time for all these fun Colorado activities when there are things to do at home?

PÜR Evergreen® can help!  We will save the day and give you your time back so you can enjoy all these wonderful activities and adventures.  We have put together your Spring-Cleaning guide and extensive deep cleaning check list to help you be more productive so you can get out and enjoy all that your home town has to offer!



  • Take down the shower curtains and wash them with PÜR Evergreen® All-Purpose Cleaner or Vinegar and Essential Oils to give them a fresh scent.
  • Empty all drawers, sort on what you need to keep and trash the rest. Then before you put it back in, vacuum and wipe out the drawer.
  • Buy containers (you can find at most Dollar Stores) and add them to your drawers to help you organize your items.
  • Clean hairbrushes by soaking in a kitchen sink filled with water, vinegar, and a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil
  • Pull out all towels and sheets from cabinets so you can wipe down the cabinets.
  • Towels: If they seem to have an ‘odor’, wash with vinegar and put them in the dryer with NO dryer sheets. Try using Wool Dryer Balls to help fluff and reduce drying time. (you can also add a few drops to essential oils to the wool dryer balls to add your favorite scent)
  • Wipe down baseboards and door and door frames.
  • Clean vents using an old toothbrush.


  • Spot clean walls, light switches, and outlets
  • Wipe down all baseboards, door, and door frames.
  • Go through all drawers pulling out your winter clothing (or if you’re in Colorado, we keep them handy all year round since our weather changes every 5 minutes!) Bag up clothes and donate those that you will not wear anymore. Box those that you can put away from the warmer months. Wipe out drawers before putting back the things you are keeping.
  • Go through your closet and organize items, get ride of (donate) those that you will not wear anymore or have not worn in 6+ months.
  • Clean ceiling fans.
  • Sheets: Backup sheets should be folded nicely and put into a pillow case to keep them together and save space.
  • Kids room: take out the toys they no longer play with and donate. For smaller toys, you can use mesh produce bags to put in the dishwash to sanitize.


  • Clean off the top of the fridge… sort, get rid of, and wipe down.
  • Clean the inside of your fridge and freezer. Going through all of your food to throw out expired food and then wipe down the inside before putting it all back in.
  • Clean bottom vent of the fridge. The dust likes to build up here.
  • Take all items out of your cabinets. Spices need to be checked for dates, kitchen items no longer used (or in the last 6 months) should be donated or sold. Wipe down the shelves and clean the inside of the cabinets.
  • Clean the inside of the oven. Try using a pumice stone to get off the burn pieces but make sure it is very wet when using it. Do not use it on the glass part as it will scratch.
  • Change out range hood filters.
  • Clean the inside of the dishwasher trap.
  • Drawers: Pull out all items, test pens and markers getting rid of those that no longer work. Wipe out the drawers before putting all items you are keeping back in. Go through the utensils as well getting rid of duplicates, brokens, and items you no longer use.
  • Clean and wash all light fixtures.


·       Clean all windows, sills, and screens with PÜR Evergreen ®️

Living Room/Family Room:

·       Go through the TV cabinet and clean out any games and movies you no longer need.

·       Wipe out all cabinets and shelves.

·       If you have a place for blankets, this is a good time to through those in the washer to freshen them up and get rid of the ones that no one likes.

·       Dust off the ceiling fan and all lamps.


  • Shop vac or blow dust from garage area.
  • Go through items and get rid of things no used in 6 months, this includes toys, sports equipment, and tools.
  • Have a yard sale! Why not make some money from the things you’re ready to part with!


Hopefully, this Spring-Cleaning guide will help you be productive so you can get out and enjoy the Fresh Spring Air very soon!


Here is a download for easy printing of the Spring-Cleaning Guide.


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