About Us


 PÜR Evergreen® got started in January of 2020. Kimberly, currently owns an eco friendly cleaning company in northern Colorado. After trying numerous products and trying to train her employees on what each product does she saw that time was adding up for training and the products were not used correctly. She knew she needed  to start making her own line of natural  products. After two years of experimenting Kimberly mastered her all in one natural cleaning product line called PÜR Evergreen. 

She has always had a love for being all natural since she was in her teens. She was born and raised in Arizona.In 2014, Kimberly moved to Colorado and  have made her home in northern Colorado with her three kids.  The whole family loves the beautiful surroundings of Northern Colorado. She enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring the hot springs and the beautiful land to camp and hike on. 

  As a mother of three, Kimberly knows how important it is to have a safe, healthy home and workplace that is free of harmful chemicals.