Snow Day! Are the Kids Driving you Crazy?

Snow day!!!

These two words are music to a kid’s ears!  However, multiple snows can cause cabin fever to set in quickly, leaving parents (and kids) feeling a bit stir crazy. Rather than squandering the afternoon away on mindless TV or video games, check out these worthwhile activities on how to “seize the snow day” and make it a memorable one.


  • Bake / Cook – Let the kids help out in the kitchen. Make a batch of warm cookies or their favorite dinner. Keep essential baking ingredients on hand in case you get snowed in.
  • Get outside – If you’re but to braving the elements, head for the nearest hill for sledding or simply take a winter walk around the neighborhood.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Make a winter scavenger hunt for your little ones to explore outside.
  • Build a Snow Fort – Dig out the beach toys, like sand buckets and shovels to build a fort or castle in the snow.
  • Build a Fort Indoors – Too cold for outside? Grab some blankets, pillows, and chairs to construct your own fort inside.
  • Have a picnic – Indoors of course! Make sandwiches, lay a blanket out on your living room floor, and gather round for a picnic lunch.
  • Bubble Bath! – Who doesn’t love a big bubble bath! Perfect way to entertain and contain little ones on days stuck inside.
  • Paint snow – Once the throwing snowballs and building snowmen have lost their luster, mix water and food coloring in a few different spray bottles and let them paint the snow!
  • Indoor Obstacle Course – This will allow you to sneak in some exercise and they won’t even realize it burning energy while completing each task. Have fun and get silly, like balance a book on your head, pretend to be a certain animal, do 5 jumping jacks, crab walk, balance a ball on a spoon, you get the idea.
  • Science Experiments – Just because school is out doesn’t mean you can’t learn. There are endless ideas of simple science experiments online (and Pinterest too)
  • Play games – dust off the board games for an afternoon of family fun.
  • Dance Party – Put on your favorite tunes and dance your sillies out.
  • Snow-Cream – Make a batch of delicious ‘snow cream”. Fill a large bowl with about 10-12 cups of snow. Spoon one teaspoon of vanilla onto the snow, then drizzle a 10 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk over top. Mix (wooden spoon works best) until combined.  Add more snow if necessary until you get your desired consistency. Serve it up – you can even add your favorite ice cream toppings if you wish
  • Blow Frozen Bubbles – Bubbles are not just for summer fun, try your hand at a little frozen science fun. When temps are freezing, bubbles freeze. 
  • Set up a Laser-Beam maze – All you need is yarn, some tape, and a hallway!
  • Indoor Bowling – use empty water bottles and a tennis ball.
  • Indoor Snowfall Fight – make homemade snowballs out of paper and saran wrap, then see who can win the snowball fight.
  • Make Snowflakes – Remember those beautiful paper snowflakes, yup, get out some paper (construction paper works great), and scissors, and have some fun.
  • Life Skills – teach them some life skills like doing laundry, sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, cleaning out the fridge, and cleaning the bathroom. (Age appropriately of course and make it fun)
  • Paint kindness rocks – Spread kindness with messages on painted rocks that you can bury in the snow. Go looking for them in the spring!


As you can see, there are many different fun activities you and your kids can do on a snow day!  Have fun!
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