Best Tips for Organizing your Home

Getting organized can be a challenge at first. But once you start, you will be organizing the whole house.  We give you the best organizing tips to get started. As a mother of three and a husband, the house can get in disarray pretty quick. I am sure most of us can relate. I am even a professional organizer besides running my PÜR Evergreen business I still am always on a mission to organize. 



Trying to get organized is rarely easy! Organizing can be fun once you get started! I love having  the opportunity to help wonderful families that come to me for my professional advice. Most people feel they are pretty organized until I can help them expand their ideas. When I moved in my new home my kitchen was the most challenging because it was so small. ( The trade off for having a big back yard) My kitchen is small, and my cabinets have this thing called the  black hole. You know where that  that pot and pans and food and disappears into. We added a non-skid cabinet turntable to the cabinet and it has helped. First have labels ready to label containers!  Chalkboard labels are a fun way to label your items. We organized my kitchen using the chalkboard labels on containers and jars.

I  recommend that you get storage bins. These storage bins are a great way to get you started. Start with a double bin. This is great to have for your “go-to” bin for collecting things around the house that you no longer want. Here are the top 6 organizing tips :

1) Keep the kitchen counter and table clutter free. The kitchen is the busiest place in the house. If it’s cluttered, it makes you feel stressed and disorganized, which leads to poor decisions all around.

2) Keep a donation bin. Put a picture above the label so it shows the older kids where to put their items they want to donate. There are always things laying around that you don’t need or use. Pitch them in the donation bin as needed, rather than living with clutter and useless things. When the bin gets full, bag it up and take it to a donation center.

3) Designate a “Laundry Day” and make sure that the kids take part in helping with their laundry. Yes, even a 3 year old can put away clean laundry and put dirty clothes in the hamper!

4) Don’t buy unnecessary stuff! Seriously, try to limit how much of any one thing that you need. Do we really need 20 pairs of gloves or another scarf (when we already have 40)? A good tip that always works is if you buy another pair of gloves, then donate a few of your other pairs.



5) Keep it simple. You don’t need to buy expensive containers or baskets to get organized. A simple show box works wonders at separating smaller items in drawers, dressers, and cabinets. An “over-the-door” organizer works for practically anything (like hair products, accessories, crafty items, small toys, etc).

6) Have a family member or everyone “pick up” before everyone goes to bed. If you do this, when you wake up, it is a new start and you’re not feeling stressed about looking at yesterday’s mess in the kitchen and living room. Have all the kids backpacks and clothes set out and ready the night before.

These are some few tips to help keep you organized. To schedule your professional organizing consultation please reach out to Kimberly Gonzales at  We offer in person and via video call. 

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