Natural Cleaning product non-toxic cleaner  Sassy Spearmint

PÜR Evergreen® Sassy Spearmint Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaning Solution 2 fl oz refill or trial size

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2.0 fl oz bottle of PÜR Evergreen® Sassy Spearmint Concentrated All-Purpose  refill or trial size . 

Purchase our 16oz empty bottle to go along with your refill. Perfect little trial size or refill that will last. 1oz of the refill PÜR Evergreen® to 15oz purified or distilled water to make 16oz of cleaner. 24oz spray bottle is 2oz of the refill PÜR Evergreen to 22oz Purified water or distilled.

If you would like it to be a lighter cleaner than add less solution. Works amazing on 

1. Stainless Steel
2. Mirrors
3. Windows
4. Granite countertops
5. Any type of countertop
6. Stoves
7. Floors of every kind
8. Great for kitchens with grease build up
9. Sinks, tubs, showers
10. Appliances
11. Shoes
12. Pet dishes
13. Inside cars
14. Great for restaurants
15. Great for medical facilities
16. Great for cleaning companies
17. Great for homes
18. Inside fridges
19. Cleans off handprints
20. Good for deep cleaning
21. Glass cleaner
22. Your everything cleaner! Without the harsh smells! Safe for your whole family!

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Ingredients: Natural plant based soaps, Hydrogen Peroxide and organic Spearmint Oil.