Journey Journal and Organize Your Life Planner



If you have been on the search to find the best planner and journal for your life you have found it. 

Our Journey Journal

We all have a journey that we go through, a story to tell. Our journey may be traveling across the world and having crazy adventures. It may be life's thoughts, experiences that you had to go through to be able to see the next chapter that you can write down to look back at later. Whatever your journey is, use this journal as you write whatever comes to you. Find the joy in the little things. Take in the gifts the world gives you and experience the journey.

  • Beautiful colors that can make your journal fun and bring out the creative side
  • Understanding what a "Brain Dump" is and how it can help start and end your day bringing clarity and peace
  • Writing prompts and ideas to get those juices flowing, because I know when you own 10 journals and you never know how to start it. Well I made this to help with that.
  • Matching Day Planner that you can buy to help organize your day


Organize Your Life Planner

Trying to find the perfect planner for your busy work and home schedule can be hard. This yearly, monthly, daily and weekly  planner is full of beautiful boho colors to make anyones day.

  • Brain Dump: A Brain Dump is a great way to get everything off your mind first thing in the morning. Start your day off by organizing your thoughts and clearing your mind.
  • Great To Start Any Time: The daily/weekly/monthly planner is undated, so you can start any time.
  • Beautiful Boho Design: Planning is so much more fun with pages filled with beautiful colors.
  • Stay Motivated and Organized: While working on your goals, gratitude, daily quotes we give you a place to write them down and see your journey over the year to look back at them.
  • Make Your Goals a Reality: With this time management planner you will not only be able to plan but achieve goals but be able to look back at them at the end of the month. We provide you with a planner with the tools you need to be organized, healthy habits, better well being and over all health.
  • Wins For The Month: What wins did you have for the month
  • Grocery List: Have something you need at the store? We made it easy so you would not forget if you were out and about.
  • Thankful Section: We added a section for you to write what you are thankful for each day. Filling your day with gratitude.
  • To Call or Email section: to keep your calls and emails organized each day
  • Quote or Bible Verse Of The Day : Add in your quote for the day or a Bible verse.

There is a daily hour to hour option for appointments to keep your schedule organized
Fill in your days and months
Customize your professional planner to make it yours

Be sure to check out the matching journal sold separately