You're Fired... S01 - E10

You're Fired...

In the past if you were ever fired, it was usually because you were a bad hire, you did something wrong and you ended up not being a good fit.

Learn why firing yourself from your cleaning business can be a good thing.

I have been fired like twice in my whole working career and I have fired myself multiple times in my businesses. ( I currently have 3 Businesses.) 

Often times when we fire ourselves, it gives us time to reflect what we need to do next in our businesses.  And when we are referring to being fired it's code ( for having a time out or a mini break) 

Some things to help you manage your business better is to Block out Periods of time that you can do things for just you and then just your business.

Delegate to others, if you can hire someone to help you with what needs to be accomplished. 

If you can't afford to pay to hire. YOU can always trade and barter. 

With larger projects get the end product up and work backwards or Take a large project and break down into smaller steps. 

Not overworking! 

This was not mentioned in the pod cast, but when you work too much, not only do you get burn out, it can make you sick!


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