Save yourself 1000's by having a Service Area for your Cleaning Business!

Save yourself 1000's by having a Service Area for your Cleaning Business!

Service Area’s Why you need one?

Save yourself the headache, and learn from us! 

When you AUDIT your service area and what the distances are “ In between” your homes that you are servicing. It will save your business thousands!!

As your crew grows so does your expenses. With increased expenses, comes more taxes and larger payroll etc..

Keep your bottom line in check, by knowing how much you are paying, if you are required to pay for Milage at all (currently Arizona does not require it)  or a lower wage for travel time. Google, am I required to reimburse or pay travel time for the state of… Then check in with that government entity to be sure. 

You will be shocked as some of your homes are 50 miles apart! 

You do not pay drive time for any 1099’s.

The standard trip charge is 75.00 each way. Do not go further than an hour away. It might not be worth it for you to go outside your service area. Unless it’s a large 1x job that you are doing.

Questions to ask, Is your road accessible by car?

Or how about a car with 6 inches of clearance?

Safety first ALWAYS!!

Get Drivers licenses

Get their wi-fi password

Let other’s know where you are going to be incase you get lost!

“ We service your area on this day, so this is the day you’re cleaning would be.”-Kimberly Gonzales

As always we look forward to your questions!

All the best,

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