Newbies in the HOUSE!! Things to consider when you are a brand new Cleaning Business Owner!!

Newbies in the HOUSE!! Things to consider when you are a brand new Cleaning Business Owner!!

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Hi Everyone! 

If you are just joining us for the first time, welcome! If you are just dipping your toes in the cleaning industry and just started or need refresher tips you are in the right place! Grab a chair, workout or grab PÜR Evergreen natural all purpose cleaner and a cloth and come join Shannon and I as we chat about some great tips!  I loved this intro Kimberly Gonzales!!


Let's talk about that insurance! GET IT NOW! 

You want to always carry insurance, it tells your clients that you have skin in the game and that your not doing this as a hobby, and that you are serious about being a professional cleaning business owner. 

Me-myself-and I- just needs to have General Liability for "Just incase."

Flooding the bathroom floors, valued at 45k. Cha. Ching!!

If you have a lower priced item, it is recommended that you pay out of pocket in order to not get dropped by said insurance company.  Many policies have a deductible. 

You only need Workman's Comp when you have real w-2's. Shop around every year. 

Always vacuum the bathrooms first to include all dry large showers


Do you clean the cat box or cat throw up? Do you clean up a dog mess? 

If client is home, then tell them that Fluffy left you a gift. If they are not home, snap a photo and send over to a client. 

What is a deep clean vs a basic cleaning. 

The RED Flags you need to know. 

1.I have tried everyone in town and no one can clean well.

2. I need someone to clean that isn’t an arm and a leg!

3. I only need my bathrooms cleaned and I don’t want to pay full price. 

Know your gut feelings and follow them. Know your safety protocols!

What are the safety protocols?

  1. Communicate where you are going to be at the time you are arriving and leaving! Text or Call someone. Have someone to check up on you while you clean. 
  2. Take a picture of their license and load it up on their files. 
  3. Be aware of what is around you. If you arrive and you feel off, LEAVE! Get your spidey sense on and take action with it. Communicate with the client a LOT! I mean like on the phone. It is hard to read people over texting. Engage with them! 


DON’T take on every client! Be picky! Don’t take the BS from clients. 

Clear Boundaries! ( The agreement) Establish Clear Boundaries with your Clients
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