Meet Amber Elise "Cleaning Content Creator."

Meet Amber Elise "Cleaning Content Creator."

 She is an Entrepreneur, Cleaning Business Owner, Mom, Wife…the list goes on! We absolutely LOVED her and were so thrilled to have her on our podcast! Not only was she super nice answering all our questions but really down to earth too! 

Amber got her start in the Cleaning Industry through her Grandmother at the very your age of 13! She Cleaning for her Grandmother until she passed away, so just over 20 years. That's a long time client!!
 ( Amber I apologize on not getting her name from you, she sounds like she was a great person to be around.) 

She also did the final cleaning for the home before it was put on the market to sell for her estate. 

Amber has put on entertainment shows, with her dance troop, at Christmas time,  for her Grandmother and the rest of the residents of her temporary home where she stayed towards the end of her life and was much loved by all the who happened to live there at the time.


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Here are some of the biggest mistakes with cleaning.

1. Walk-through’s are important for her. Especically when you are new and just getting the hang of things.

2. If you are solo, you can break up longer deep cleanings into two days instead of one 

3. Knowing that you are supposed to charge more for Deep Cleanings

4. Knowing to asking specific questions, what's yours?

5. Communication is key

6. Own up to your mistake’s so important with breakage! 

7. Don’t give up you can make it.

She is also is working on having Merchandise coming out soon.

Here is some of Amber’s contact info and Social Media information. 

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