Episode #26 From Bristles to Brilliance: Mastering the Art of Cleaning Business Success

Episode #26 From Bristles to Brilliance: Mastering the Art of Cleaning Business Success

Foundations of a Successful Cleaning Business


Karate Kid Movie Link







Single Dwelling Post Construction Cleaning Class


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Build Trust and reputation:

People like to do business with those they like know and trust.

What steps are you taking to make people like know and trust you?

Alignable you have to give reciprocity first to build relationships on Alignable. 




Modern Marketing techniques

Step #1 Get QR CODE to link to review


Tackling negative feed back- we will do an episode on what to do about this. 

Analyze  why you got the bad review

Google be sure to screen shot them so you can use them until you can afford to pay to use the big boys.

Leveraging your social media

Before and after photos

(List this in your agreement) 


Before and after photos.

Helpful tips and cleaning hacks are great free resources.

Behind the scenes posts.

Collaborate with others.


Training programs are helpful to get you to the next step.


Inventory Management is super important, take steps to shrink down what you and your cleaning crews are using on your job sites.

Growth strategies, what are yours?

Franchising can help you grow. If you are considering please be aware there are legal steps to take to do this. 

Branding is crucial

Networking. Super duper important - Join your local chamber of commerce.

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