Discounts, should you give them????? - S01 - E19

Discounts, should you give them????? - S01 - E19


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In my opinion The Cleaning Industry is a luxury service not a discounted one.

Many of us have tried to make it on Groupon. In my experience, they are difficult to deal with, ALL_OF_THE_TIME.

They have really high expectations and want to pay very little money. And they are hard cleanings.

Know your margins to be sure you are going to make money off each and every job.

Kimberly gave a discount after the 3rd cleaning. For example you would give a FREE Oven Cleaning.

Don't give too many discounts, you can inadvertently bankrupt yourself.

Coupons attract unfavorable clientele.

Community Giving is a big deal.

Pick your favorite Non for Profit.

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