CBL Episode # 69 In Person Marketing: Boosting Your Brand with Unforgettable Booth Strategies for your Cleaning Business

CBL Episode # 69 In Person Marketing: Boosting Your Brand with Unforgettable Booth Strategies for your Cleaning Business

Ever wondered how to make your booth the star attraction at any event? Join Shannon Miller and Kimberly Gonzalez on "Cleaning Business Life" as they share their foolproof strategies for planning an unforgettable booth setup. Discover how to set clear goals, from generating leads to boosting brand awareness, and why researching events is key to hitting the right audience. We'll walk you through the budgeting essentials, covering everything from booth fees to promotional materials, and offer creative giveaway ideas like free cleanings and local business gift baskets.

Unlock the secrets to effective booth engagement with our insider tips. Learn how to captivate attendees using eye-catching before-and-after photos and themed decorations. Find out why positioning yourself at the booth entrance, making eye contact, and even giving genuine compliments can turn casual visitors into potential clients. Organization is a game-changer, so we'll share our best practices for keeping your supplies in order and creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites interaction. Plus, we'll discuss the benefits of building rapport with neighboring booth operators to enhance your overall event experience.

Finally, we reveal the ultimate strategies for maximizing event engagement and follow-up. From remembering names through clever association techniques to leveraging social media for real-time audience interaction, we've got you covered. Discover the importance of timely follow-ups, with a recommended two-day window, and how the BizConnect app can streamline your business card management. Don't underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you note — Shannon’s personal anecdotes from her time at Nordstrom illustrate how this small gesture can build lasting relationships. Stick around for our call to action: submit your questions for our upcoming Q&A episode, and let's keep the conversation going!

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