CBL Episode # 68 Effective Training Techniques 4 UR Cleaning Tech's

CBL Episode # 68 Effective Training Techniques 4 UR Cleaning Tech's

Ever wondered if you’re misclassifying your employees and risking huge penalties? In this episode, let's pull back the curtain on hiring practices and all the intricacies that come with it. From weighing the benefits and drawbacks of W-2 employees versus 1099 contractors, to the essential steps for keeping accurate records and policies, this conversation dives deep into practical strategies for maintaining a compliant and efficient workforce. I’ll also share some personal stories about juggling family life with business responsibilities, adding a human touch to the complexities of business growth.

Feel the frustration of endlessly training new hires? You’re not alone. Listen in as I recount my experiences and share tips for creating an effective onboarding process that won't break the bank. We’ll discuss the importance of fostering independence among employees to reduce conflicts, and how pairing new staff with seasoned workers can make a world of difference. We'll also revisit an anecdote from my time with a franchise cleaning business, shedding light on varying management styles and their impacts on business success.

Want to ensure your cleaning business upholds the highest standards? Learn the tricks of the trade, from crafting detailed client checklists to understanding the correct use of cleaning chemicals. I’ll reveal my personal goal of becoming “mop free” by the end of the year to focus on scaling the business. Plus, hear about my upcoming plans for the Structure Scale and Profit Cleaning Business Academy and some fun summer break activities with my kids. Tune in to discover how balance and planning can pave the way to long-term success.

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