CBL #Episode #62-Part 2 of Celebrating 1 Year Milestones: Strategies for Success and the Power of Reflection in Our First Year Anniversary

CBL #Episode #62-Part 2 of Celebrating 1 Year Milestones: Strategies for Success and the Power of Reflection in Our First Year Anniversary

Have you ever clinked a glass to your own success? We're toasting to our podcast's first anniversary, and what a journey it's been! From our debut episode on kickstarting a cleaning company to hitting monumental download milestones, we've weathered the storms and celebrated the sunny days of entrepreneurship. Join us for a trip down memory lane, peppered with fresh wisdom and that unmistakable sparkle of handwritten nostalgia. We're opening up about the realities of setting and smashing goals, and ready to dish out the kind of advice that's grounded in the grit and grind of real business life.

Imagine the satisfaction of hitting a 100K target in your first year or celebrating a million-dollar milestone with a pop of champagne. That's the kind of ambition we're talking about in this episode. We share personal stories of setting financial and personal goals that light up the path to achievement. From breaking down income targets to the strategic charm of flat-rate pricing, we cover it all. And yes, we even dive into the challenges and triumphs of expanding a business, hiring staff, and finding the perfect storefront. It's about baring the soul of our business journey and inviting you to do the same.

But it's not all number-crunching and business strategy. We get personal on the importance of brain dumping for mental clarity, especially when juggling the demands of life with ADHD. We discuss embracing moments of solitude to spark creativity and how to harness gratitude to shift your mindset. Our conversation is an invitation to reflect, recharge, and reignite your passion for personal and professional growth. So, refill your cup, adjust your tiara, and let's celebrate the art of setting the stage for success together.

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