CBL Episode #61 Part 1-Celebrating Milestones and Mastering Goals: A Year of Growth in the Cleaning Business

CBL Episode #61 Part 1-Celebrating Milestones and Mastering Goals: A Year of Growth in the Cleaning Business

We're popping the champagne and slicing the cake for our podcast's one-year anniversary! Imagine transforming your whimsical dreams into solid goals – that's what we've done this past year, and we're here to guide you through doing the same. From reflecting on the humble beginnings of a cleaning company to the grandeur of achieving a ballet dancer's poise or the finesse of sign language fluency, this anniversary episode is all about celebrating the milestones and setting sights on the stars. 

Our discussion dances across the spectrum—from our very first episode's 10 essential steps to the latest in commercial cleaning tech, like robotics. Delving into stories of resiliency, we're sharing how we, along with our guests, navigated challenges like physical disabilities and ADHD to reach our goals. This episode isn't just a look back; it's a treasure trove of strategies for brain dumping, managing the stress of entrepreneurship, and understanding the nitty-gritty of business, from employee classification to Safety Data Sheets. 

Wrapping up, we want to hear from you. Your stories, your victories, your journeys are what fuel this podcast's heart. As we share our gratitude for a year of lessons and laughter, we invite you to join the conversation, and together, let's keep turning those dreams into reality. Here's to another year of growth, community, and a clean sweep of success!

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