CBL Episode # 59 Eco-Conscious Cleaning: Cultivating a Green Business & Embracing Natural Solutions

CBL Episode # 59 Eco-Conscious Cleaning: Cultivating a Green Business & Embracing Natural Solutions


Ever struggled with a sneeze attack after spritzing your kitchen cleaner? Or worried about the footprints your home maintenance leaves on the planet? Then this is the episode you've been waiting for. Join us as we recount our own skirmishes with chemical sensitivities and share the genesis behind our commitment to an eco-conscious cleaning ethos. We're not just sprucing up spaces; we're redefining the cleaning industry with our unique approach, offering premium services to those who hold organic and natural living close to their hearts. And for those of you with a green-thumb vision for a business, we've got a trove of insights on how to plant your roots in the eco-friendly market, straight from the trials and triumphs within the plumbing sector.

We peel back the label on greenwashing, exposing how some companies masquerade as Mother Nature's allies while their products tell a different story. I get candid about my Cozy Bliss line, where I've poured my heart into sourcing top-tier organic ingredients, regardless of the price tag. This is more than a trend; it's about safeguarding our clients' health, ensuring their furry companions are not just sniffing around safe zones. Our chat navigates the transition to natural cleaners, the re-education it demands, and the undeniable economic perks of concentrated solutions. Stay tuned for a sneak peek into case studies that promise to unveil the true grit of natural cleaners, all the while leveraging the power of social media to turn the tide in favor of green practices. Join us, and let's clean up the conversation together.

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