CBL Episode #55 Costly Slip-The Importance of Liability Insurance with your Cleaning Business

CBL Episode #55 Costly Slip-The Importance of Liability Insurance with your Cleaning Business

Have you ever wondered what happens when a simple cleaning job goes disastrously wrong? Picture this: a beautiful chandelier crashing to the ground, leading to a staggering $45,000 claim. Join me, alongside the insightful Kimberly Gonzalez, as we unravel the world of liability insurance and the often overlooked, yet vital role it plays in safeguarding your cleaning business. From sharing my nerve-wracking personal stories to discussing best practices, we delve into how to protect your assets and keep both employees and clients out of harm's way.

Safety is no accident, and in this heart-to-heart, we tackle the nitty-gritty of safety protocols, from the handling of hefty furniture to the specific dos and don'ts of product usage on various household surfaces. Who knew that something as simple as a misplaced oven cleaner could strip away a countertop's finish or that expensive appliances and pets could be at risk from certain chemicals? We've got the lowdown on how to navigate these dangers with care, as well as how to approach cleaning homes that house high-value items with the precision and respect they require.

Wrapping things up, we can't help but chuckle at the oddities of insurance policies, like why your landlocked cleaning business might be covered for marine accidents – go figure! Despite the laughter, we know that the topic of insurance is no joke. We ensure you walk away with an understanding of when it's wise to file a claim, the difference between accidental damage and negligence, and why having an emergency fund can save you from hiking up your premiums. So, why not pull up a chair (carefully, of course) and join our conversation? It's an episode packed with humor, cautionary tales, and indispensable advice for anyone with a mop, a mission, and a business to protect.

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