CBL Episode #53: Hilarious Cleaning Mix-Ups, What happens when your cleaning tech cleans the wrong home???

CBL Episode #53: Hilarious Cleaning Mix-Ups, What happens when your cleaning tech cleans the wrong home???

Ever waltzed into the wrong party and realized you're not the only one dancing off-beat? Join Kimberly Gonzalez and I (Shannon Miller) , as we share some side-splitting stories about cleaning crews with all the right moves but the wrong houses! 

From sparkling clean surprises for unsuspecting homeowners to the bewildering quandaries facing our diligent but directionally challenged technicians, we chat about the importance of organization and professional poise in the face of these merry mix-ups. 

Whether it's navigating the complexities of ADHD or the artful dance of compensating your team while charming both accidental and intended house cleaning clients, we've got tales that will sweep you off your feet.

But wait, there's more than just laughter lurking in the suds. 

The second act of our cleaning carnival takes a turn towards the serious business of safety and security.  And why you need it for your crew and your house cleaning clients.

Picture this: a cleaner, a bathrobe, and a lawsuit waiting to happen—sounds like the setup for a joke, but it's just another day in the life of the house cleaning industry. 

We'll reveal why real estate lockboxes and garage codes aren't just for agents and how these tools can keep your business out of hot water. 

And for the grand finale, I'll let you in on a client's almost-impossible key-hiding escapade that's as entertaining as it is enlightening. So please encourage your clients not to do this...

Lock in with us as we mop up the mess and polish off the episode with practical wisdom for passing on peace of mind to clients and cleaners alike.


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