CBL Episode #49 Juggling your personal and work life with your Cleaning Business

CBL Episode #49 Juggling your personal and work life with your Cleaning Business


For me, as a solopreneur, and/or a very small team. Everything runs on a schedule. And in blocks of time.


Most days, my blocks of time run on mommy hours. 


That’s 8:15-3:15 monday-friday.


So my first priority is to make sure that I am there to drop off and pick up 5 days a week. 


After I get that all situated. I know that certain tasks have to happen weekly and other tasks happen monthly. And there are even some tasks that happen daily like going to the gym or walking my dogs. 


For example, 1 on 1 coaching calls usually happen on Mondays along with any admin responsibilities that need to be addressed. Scheduling, Catching up on any voicemails left over the weekend. Checking website, same deal. 

And on Thursdays, is Podcast Day. So that is filming, editing, uploading onto various sites to be released on Saturdays in 2024.

This is just some insight on “how” I am able to accomplish as much as I do on a weekly and monthly basis.


When you do use this method, make sure your day does not cause burn out and that “treat” yourself often. 

Kim what do you do?


My Mondays I call Monday Marathon Madness! We get orders on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and even early Monday morning, I hit the ground running with catching up on emails, talking to my staff to prep for the Monday madness! Not to mention I have my morning routine and that is taking care of the dogs and the chickens. I also prep dinners for the week. I also help run a farmers market and do graphic design on the side. Sometimes I feel like I need a cape to put on. Not to mention when gardening season comes I am out there a few hours a day. Also canning and being suzy homemaker. 

I have two teens who come and go so thank goodness I am not driving and picking up like I was last year. But My schedule is with boundaries. Saturday, and Sundays  for now are reserved for family time till the farmers markets and events start up.  

Most of my days I am up between 5am-6:30am! Having those time blocks are so important so you can have your schedule organized and not feel frazzled. Well at least not all the time. :)

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