CBL EPISODE #48 Dealing with Difficult Clients

CBL EPISODE #48 Dealing with Difficult Clients

We have all had at least one!

The “I always get a discount from everyone or I get something for FREE Client!” 

They are super nice over the phone, agree to all your terms but really have no intention of paying for services rendered. And if they do pay you, it’s always at a discount. 

(they never say…Hey by the way I have not called back the last 5 cleaning businesses because I have done it to almost everyone in your area. So,  I am going to get your services but I am not going to pay you or I am going to give you the white glove treatment to prove to you that I am entitled for a discount. BECAUSE I always get a discount…

The Something Extra Client!

  • These are usually elderly. 
  • They are always wanting to get something extra with their cleaning. 
  • ALWAYS, laundry, trash cans, lightbulbs, etc…

So, How much is my Bill going to be? When you are not even done with the cleaning yet,  type of client!

These are usually TRADESMEN.  ALWAYS!!

Their homes have not been maintained, so more than likely they are going to take some time to get them caught up. 

So an hour or sometimes two hours before you are done they will walk up to you and ask you or your crew, how much? 

They always want to pay in cash or check. 

So you will quickly try and estimate what the total amount will be. 

He gives you the amount requested, then you spend the rest of your time running around like a chicken with is head cut off just trying to finish on time.

Customers are always right…….. Ehhhh This doesnt fly by me

We have some into a time where the customer is always right and now they feel entitled. This drives me nuts! The bad behavior that comes with it. I refuse to reward behavior like that. I see it happen all the time in stores when customers are rude and nasty to the employee. They usally get what they want because they through a tan

The Naked Client…

The client who curses at you and calls you names

The client who never picks up before the crew arrives…

The Client who wants to school you on how to clean:

Now on the other side of this, sometimes you need to institute the “fuckup fund”.

Mistakes are going to happen. 

Most of the time, people just want to be heard. 

Let them finish what they had to say.

Tell them you will immediately address it.

Offer to have cleaning tech go back and fix it.

Give partial refund-last resort.

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