CBL Episode #47 Pricing your Cleaning Business Services

CBL Episode #47 Pricing your Cleaning Business Services

When you are undercharging for your cleaning services, this is a recipe for eventual financial distress, akin to inadvertently shooting yourself in the foot – a scenario best avoided! In Monopoly it's called Bankruptcy!!

Besides, we want to see all of you succeed! 

Consider the lasting value of clients who may remain for over a decade, generating substantial revenue, potentially exceeding $54,000 from just one loyal cleaning client. Remember, my client stayed with me over 13 years.  

Be sure to factor in various expenses, including cell phone bills, car payments, business car insurance, workman’s comp, general liability insurance, internet costs, and investments in equipment and chemicals. So your pricing is on point! 

Recognize your worth and the value you bring to your cleaning services.

The Pricing Blueprint Masterclass, available at
 https://klean-freaks-university.newzenler.com/courses/pricing-blue-print-master-class, offers valuable insights and it teaches you exactly how I price.

Seek those elusive "golden unicorns" among clients, individuals who appreciate professional training and understand the products you use. Familiarize yourself with labor hours and their calculation to establish accurate pricing.

For a convenient over-the-phone bidding process, check out this bid sheet on Google Drive:


Avoid the pitfall of undercharging and set yourself up for sustained success in the cleaning business!









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