CBL Episode #44 Happy 2024 Goals, Goals, Goals...

CBL Episode #44 Happy 2024 Goals, Goals, Goals...


 In this episode we discuss the importance of having firm goals for your cleaning business.


Knowing your numbers is always important if you are not familiar with what a P/L  (Profit & Loss) is. Please do some digging to see where you are. If you use quickbooks, there are several useful reports to print out daily, weekly, monthly and annually. 

Normal growth is 20-30% per year for residential (house) cleaning. It’s when you have really heavy growth that it is like “trial by fire.” No one likes trial by fire. So having firm systems in place that really do work for house cleaning businesses.




The Clients:

What sales goal do you want to achieve in 2024?

Are you good at closing the deal?

What is your Elevator Speech ( sales pitch)?


Learning how to sell is a skill that is learned by doing, so you have to learn it. 

We are going to discuss the 3 main ways to directly sell to your client:


  1. You go in person and you do a bid, this is called in person bidding.
  2. You get a call over the phone and you close the deal over the phone
  3. They purchase off your website


Each of these ways has to have a firm sales process in order for it to work and be complete. 


Are you going to service weekly’s, biweekly’s and monthly’s?

The Cleaning Tech’s: 

Use your own due diligence with what business model you want to go with.



There are pro’s and con’s with both. 

Make sure you check with your states Department of Labor so you are familiar with both. 


This can be really expensive so my suggestion is that you slowly budget for what it can take to automate your cleaning business.


When you are new, the first software that you absolutely need is a digital calendar system. I love getjobber.com I have been with them from almost the beginning. Here is my Getjobber link to try it for free. 




You will need some sort of payroll system. 



Branding is a great place to start. 


In person Chamber Meetings

In person BNI Meetings

Meetup has plenty of opportunities for FREE Marketing

Layer all your marketing!!


Really popular world wide brands are
Mc Donalds & Coke Cola



Self Care:

Being outside is an inexpensive way to recharge your batteries.


Celebrate the WIN’s

Give yourself down time! 



vitamin D ( I like these) 




  1. Sales Goals
  2. Marketing Goals
  3. Cleaning Tech Attraction Goals
  4. Client Goals
  5. Self Care Goals
  6. Celebrating the Win’s!!
  7. Having a clear work space
  8. Purging your stuff



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