CBL Episode #34- Refunds and Discounts

CBL Episode #34- Refunds and Discounts



Most people are not interested in human and human contact and don’t want to deal with anyone unless its text message over their phone. If you provide any form of Customer Service, it will give you an edge of the rest of your competition!


Remember It takes 40 good 5 star reviews to negate 1 bad 1 star review! Each 5 star review is worth at least 70k to your to bottom line!


When doing a 1 x cleaning make it mandatory to have someone do a Walk Through with you if you are cleaning or with your cleaning tech’s. Have them sign that they are satisfied. This has covered my butt on more than one occasion. 


Refunds are very few and far between don’t give then unless you absolutely have to.


Partial refunds are even rarer!


I am not a fan of giving out a discount, you decide what is best for your Cleaning Business

The Cleaning industry in general is NOW only a 24 hour guarantee-If they find something that is not to their satisfaction, they can call and we will go back and re-clean any deficiencies, with in reason.


All Move in and move out cleanings should be done as the first appointment of the day. Not in the afternoon. The reason for this is because, most of the time the client does not correctly state what the actual condition is inside the home currently. 


( Look for the Episode that discusses the dirt code…) 


Have at least an annual or bi annual training day for all your cleaning tech’s 

100.00 give away for employee appreciation times

Or a gift cards



Cleaning Contract Bundle https://klean-freaks-university.newzenler.com/courses/basic-contract-bundle