CBL Episode #33 Tipping and Client Gifts

CBL Episode #33 Tipping and Client Gifts


TIP-To ensure promptness.

Teach your clients how to TIP, most clients do not know that they can tip if they choose to TIP.

The tipping policy is listed on all my paperwork, this is mentioned inside the Cleaning Business Contract Bundle. Here is the link: https://klean-freaks-university.newzenler.com/courses/basic-contract-bundle


Client Gifts, Cards, Candles, home goods are all good gifts to give out to your Clients. As you grow only the top 1-3% of your clients will get actual gifts. Gift Baskets, Gift Cards, Wine etc…

Supporting other businesses is helpful. And try to buy/trade what you can to help off set the “Cash” cost of buying gifts at the holidays.

White elephant gifts are fun!! So are Christmas employee appreciation parties. We usually did these in January, as we were so busy during the Holiday Break

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