CBL#29 Ari EL on House Blessings!! With link to Blessing Kit!!

CBL#29 Ari EL on House Blessings!! With link to Blessing Kit!!



El's Rubbish Removal, LLC.

Blessing Kit off Amazon!

Actual House Blessing, incase you need it, Please just copy and paste!

House Blessing for ___


May the path that leads to this front door
 always be blessed with peace and abundance.
May each and every room in this home be blessed. 


And every item in each room serve as a reminder of 

the abundant blessings that have been bestowed 

upon its owner. 


 May every corner of this home be filled with love

and a spirit of deep gratitude.


May these walls soak in rich sounds of laughter and love,

that are shared with true friends and family. 


May this home’s roots hold strong and sink deep, and

serve as a place of safety and joy… a place to 

rest and create a life with purpose.  


May this home be protected from strife, from want, 

and from dark energies.  May the darkness of 

shame and the darkness of  hopelessness hold 

NO power here.     


May only love, abundance, purpose and gratitude grow and 

dwell here.  

 May God grant that when the doors to this home are wide
 open by those that dwell here, that they only attract
 friends and family who bring in the spirit of peace and love and 


May this home be blessed, and so it is.  Amen.


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