CBL #21 Commerical VS Residential VS Bio Hazzard Cleanings

CBL #21 Commerical VS Residential VS Bio Hazzard Cleanings

Commerical Cleaning Questions to ASK!

**1. Scope of the job:**
   - What exactly is going to be cleaned?
   - Does it need a deep cleaning?

**2. Cleaning Frequency:**
   - How often does the property or area get cleaned?
**3. Janitor's Closet:**
   - Is there a locked janitor's closet?

**4. Security:**
   - Is there an alarm in the property that the cleaning crew needs to be aware of?

**5. Service Timing:**
   - When is the preferred day for cleaning?
   - What is the preferred time for cleaning?

**6. Existing Cleaning Provider:**
   - Is the property currently being serviced by another cleaning provider?
   - If yes, when does their contract expire?

**7. Personnel:**
   - Who is currently maintaining the property? (if an employee is responsible)

**8. Payment:**
   - When do you expect payment for the cleaning services rendered?

**9. Supplies:**
   - Are you supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the cleaning crew? (e.g., gloves, masks, suits, goggles)
   - Are you supplying cleaning materials like:
     - Paper (toilet paper, paper towels, and seat covers)
     - Plastic (trash bags)
     - Liquid (hand soap)
     - Sanitizer

**10. Specialized Cleaning Services:**
   - Are there any specialized cleaning services required, such as biohazard cleaning, crime scene cleaning, or trauma scene cleaning?
   - For biohazard cleaning, check with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for compliance requirements.
   - Check with an insurance broker to determine if additional coverage is needed for specialized cleanings.

These questions and considerations should help you gather essential information about the cleaning job, ensure safety, and make necessary arrangements for the cleaning crew.

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