Back to School Marketing Ideas - S1 E13

Back to School Marketing Ideas - S1 E13

For some of us, school has already started. But for the rest of you School starts right after Labor Day, the holiday that celebrates our workers here in the United States. 

So Kimberly and myself wanted to come up with some easy opportunities to market yourself and get more business.

1. Teacher Appreciation Day:
This is usually hosted by the PTA or your local Chamber of Commerce. For a fee you can put flyers inside all the goodie bags.
2. Local School Sponsorship:
Shannon has done this with the local Highschools, it is usually 500.00 to put banner up and banner costs.
3. Posting Educational Content:
Share blog posts and helpful tips to teachers/mom's. Also mention that having a clean home can help with productivity. Organization is great to help with "Home work" Areas/Offices. 
4. Sanitation Tips for when the cooties come around
5. Create a visual:
We know that a picture is worth a 1000 words. So lots of before and afters. Make sure you get a media release before you post or you may have to remove them. And in some cases you can get sued. 
6. Email Marketing:
You should always be gathering all those emails when you get the call.
7. Local Colleges: Dorm Room Cleaning, you can offer to the parents who have kids in local college dorms or you can clean for the college themselves.

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