Your Spring Cleaning Guide is Here!

Your Spring Cleaning Guide is Here!

Spring  is here! The weather is starting to warm up and that means the doors and windows will be opening up! PÜR Evergreen® created a spring cleaning guide and check list!

Colorado has some of the most beautiful flowers around! We Coloradans love to be out doors hiking, biking, rafting, fly fishing, fishing, exploring small towns and lakes breaking out the running shoes and go for a long run. And we can not forget rafting! The question is how can we have time for all those fun Colorado activities?

PÜR Evergreen can help! We will save the day and give you your time back so you can enjoy all these wonderful, fun activities and adventures. We put together your spring cleaning guide and  extensive deep cleaning list for you. Please check out our products today! We can ship anywhere in the USA. 



      • Take down the shower curtains and wash them with vinegar and essential oils or PÜR Evergreen cleaner. 
      • Take out everything in drawers, vacuum and wipe out.
      • Buy containers at the dollar store near you and add them to your drawers to help you organize.
      • Clean hairbrushes by filling the kitchen sink with a little vinegar, water and a few drops of lemon essential oils soaking the brushes.
      • Pull out all towels and sheets and wipe down shelves.
      • Towels: if they smell wash with vinegar and put them in the dryer with NO dryer sheets. We use wool balls which we carry a wonderful or you can add a tennis ball. (add essential oils for a scent)
  • All-natural organic fabric softener made from 100% premium New Zealand wool.

    Our beautiful natural set of 6 extra-large wool balls, comes in a hand sewn organic cotton bag.

  • Sheets: follow the same above and fold sheets and put them in the pillow case to help save space.
  • Wipe down baseboards and doors
  • Clean vents by using a tooth brush

spring cleaning bathrooms


  • Spot clean walls, light switches and outlets
  • Clean all baseboards
  • Go though all drawers pulling out winter clothes or if you live in Colorado then we keep them all year round since our weather changes every 5 minutes. Bag up clothes and donate.
  • Wipe drawers out
  • Go through the closet and organize items or donate items that have not been used in 6 months.
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Kids bedrooms: take toys out they don’t play with and donate. For smaller toys we use a mesh bag and put the toys in that and stick it in the dishwasher.


  • Clean the top of the fridge
  • Clean the inside of your fridge and freezer going through all of your food. Throw out expired food.
  • Clean bottom vent of the fridge. The dust likes to build up there.
  • Take out all items in cabinets. Spices need to be checked for dates, kitchen items not used in six months need to be donated. Wipe down shelves and clean the outside of the cabinets.
  • Drawers: Pull out items from drawers, test all pens and markers getting rid of the ones that don’t work. Clean out all drawers wiping them out. Go through the utensils getting rid of extras.
  • Clean the oven out. Try using a pumice stone to get off the burn parts but make sure it is very wet when using it. Do not use it on the glass part it will scratch.
  • Change out range hood filters
  • Clean the inside of the dishwasher cleaning the trap out.
  • Clean and wash all light fixturesEvergreen Eco Clean will make your kitchen shine


  • Clean all windows, sills and screens.


  • Shop vac or blow dust in garage
  • Go through items and get rid of things not used in six months.
  • Have a yard sale! Why not make some money.


  • Wipe down base boards