What to Look for in Natural Cleaning Products

Why Buy Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

When you go to the store and walk down the dreaded cleaning products isle you want to hold your breath. Your eyes start to water and breathing is hard. So many toxic products! Can you imagine them in your home! NO!  Even ones that claim to be natural are really using synthetic materials in their products. How do you know? Is the product leaving a residue over time leaving your surfaces dull? Traditional cleaning agents like bleach are highly toxic, and even when diluted with water can cause serious damage to your lungs and the ecosystem.

What’s more frighting is that these products are not only harmful to the environment, but to our furry pets and our family. For those of you with small children at home, keeping toxic chemicals out of reach is a top priority. Even the surfaces you clean, those toxic cleaners  can absorb in the hands and feet. 

Being a mother of three and owning an eco-friendly cleaning company I saw a need for natural products that were truly natural and safe for mother earth. I developed PÜR Evergreen ALL in One Natural Cleaner. 

Eco-friendly, natural  cleaning products are scientifically formulated to bring peace of mind to households across the globe, not only in terms of going green but for a natural home environment. 

It should be noted too that PÜR Evergreen ALL in One natural Cleaner, is an eco-friendly cleaning product are 100 % effective, delivering excellent results in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. 

What does it clean? 

Windows, mirrors, glass, everything in your kitchen and bathroom, safe to use on all counter surface materials, stainless steel, all floor types, inside your cars and trucks, I have heard rumors it does amazing on cleaning carpets, ( I have all wood floors) inside your dishwasher, it is great for cleaning your washer out and great for cleaning up litter boxes and pet messes. ONE cleaner that cleans everything! 

Be sure to check out our natural cleaning products we offer. We ship all over the USA. Let's get started for the new year and get rid of the clutter and toxic chemicals and start fresh with PÜR Evergreen