Helpful Cleaning Tips to Help when Allergies Start

Allergies in your Home   Seasonal Allergies are here! Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose and with all the triggers to go with it such as mold, pollen, dander and other triggers it can make you feel miserable. But guess what? Here are some great tips to help with keeping all at bay and having a sense of relief. 

When you do a spring or seasonal clean it can help you breathe easier plus have a wonderful clean and sparkling home. So let's get started! 

Step 1. If dust is heavy it's recommend using a vacuum first. The Shark Rocket is easy to use and can suck the dust up before you hand dust. 

Step 2. Using a microfiber cloth and PÜR Evergreen you can have your home refreshed and clean. Mist a little of PÜR Evergreen on a microfiber cloth and wipe your furniture clean from the dust. 

Step 3. Replacing air filters is so important. Not only will it help your HVAC system run more efficiently but helps with filtering out air particles including pollen, dust and other allergens will help keep your home clean. Once a month is best to change your air filters for having a clean healthy home. 

Step 4. Wash all bedding. Washing sheets, pillow cases, blankets and pillows at least once a week in very hot water. A higher temp can help kill germs and dust mites. 

Step 5. Clean curtains. Curtains can harbor a lot of dust and we sometimes forget to clean them. Wash in hot water to remove any allergens. 

Step 6. Vacuum using a HEPA filter vacuum. The Shark is amazing for being my go to vacuum. 

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