Getting to Know Kimberly

July 1, 2024

Happy Birthday PÜR Evergreen!  It is crazy to think how far I have come with PÜR Evergreen in just 4 years! 

 Getting to know me:

 I am a mom of three children. Darcie is my oldest and has moved away. Calvin is 19 freshly graduated and going to college this year (YIKES where did the time go?) to be an Electrical Engineer. Ellie is 17 and is going to be a senior this year. My husband is my best friend that I have known since I was very little. Our home is full of love! We have two golden retrievers, and soon to have many more by the time you read this we will have puppies! We have 2 cats, one that is very sassy and acts like a dog. I love, love my chickens. I have 8 chickens and 3 ducks.   

 When I was a little girl I was on a mission to repurpose and recycle items. I can remember a school class project we had to do and I did mine on the amount of waste the world was producing. I talked about recycling and how we can reuse items to have less waste. I would have never thought now as an adult I have a natural online store selling and teaching others about having natural sustainable products including my natural cleaner I invented. 

(PÜR Evergreen All-Purpose Cleaner) My goal was to have less waste and a safe option for families and house cleaners.

 I owned a natural cleaning company for many years. Since then, I enjoy helping other cleaning companies become natural, helping with graphic design and digital templates to help with their business and have a podcast called Cleaning Business Life that my friend Shannon and I do. 

 Do you know that most of my customers are from word of mouth from groups or just being at farmers markets and events. My favorite part of all this is the education and helping others understand all the wonderful benefits that it has to offer. This truly brings me so much more joy than you know! Word of mouth has been the blessings that have helped so many people! So thank you for that! 

 One of my most asked questions is which aroma do you love the most out of your natural cleaner? Honestly both! I love the eucalyptus mint and spearmint. The spearmint is so refreshing and uplifting! The eucalyptus is earthy and I love using that in the bathrooms. 

 I am so thankful for everyone that supports my mission. Do you know that PÜR Evergreen donates to multiple charities? I put money aside and help local charities. It’s another way I love giving back to others. 

 THANK YOU for being my biggest fan! 

 Kimberly Gonzales