Easy Eco Friendly Tips Just in Time for Earth Day 2022

We are always looking how to be more earth and eco friendly and Earth Day is almost here!  Ask yourself if you are doing all that you can to be Green, earth friendly and eco friendly? Are you needing help to be more Eco Friendly?


Protecting the life around us is so important, not only for the here and now but for the future of our children and grandchildren. How can you be Green and Eco Friendly to make a difference? Did you know that most of the pollution is in our homes! When we think of air pollution we think about the exhaust coming from automobiles, factories and other sources. However when you think about it there is way more pollution in our own homes that are making us sick causing asthma and allergies and effecting our quality of life. Where do we spend most of our time? At home!  Think about all the plug in scents that we have in the house and not so natural candles. We can be using a defuser and high grade essential oils which are far better. Studies show from EWG that air pollutants are 2-5 times higher than outside. Kinda scary when you think about it.

So let's talk about these air pollutants that are in our home. Having a hard time breathing? Asthma related symptoms that are making it hard to breathe are coming from things such as substances used in building, cleaning products, formaldehyde coming from glue and pipes. Not all cleaning products that claim to be “green” are green. That is how I came up with PÜR Evergreen. I created one product that replaces all the toxic products in your home. I use only plant based ingredients, high quality essential oils and food grade hydrogen peroxide. Not only does it clean but kills up to 99.9% of germs! To order oils go here.

Dust is a huge factor! When we think of dust we think of dirt right? Well I will let you on a little secret. Dust is a a break down of many things such as plant pollen, humans and animal hair, human and pet dead skin cells, ( gross right ) paper fibers and dirt that is coming in from outside. The best way to cut down on the dust is have a door mat to wipe your shoes off or better yet take those dirty shoes off. I personal love the Reme Halo. This amazing product helps is capable of purifying every cubic inch of air that your AC system reaches. Not only does it help with dust but can reduce odors, pollen, dander and so much more!  I also recommend vacuuming a few times a week using Hepa Filters.We live in such a beautiful state. 

The new thing is Plogging! What the heck is Plogging you ask. It is an Eco Friendly twist on your workouts. While it is still new this concept is sweeping the nation. It is part jogging and part picking up trash while on your work out route. Not only are you burning calories but you are helping clean up around you. I take these items that I have collected and sort the recycled items and trash.


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