CBL Episode #63-What are Production Rates for your Cleaning Business?

CBL Episode #63-What are Production Rates for your Cleaning Business?

Unlock the secrets of crafting the perfect pricing strategy for your cleaning business as we dive into the world of production rates. Ever wondered how to give your business that silent raise? You'll learn exactly that as we dissect the standard rates for maintenance and move-out cleanings and reveal how increased efficiency can boost your profits without changing a single price tag. This episode isn't just a lesson in numbers; it's about shaping a prosperous future for your cleaning enterprise.

This time, we put on the business hat to stress the undeniable importance of understanding the nuts and bolts of your cost structure and pricing strategy. From labor expenses to the pivotal role of insurance and supplies, we cover it all to shield you from the treacherous undercurrents of underpricing. Get ready to arm yourself with the knowledge that will help you sail through the choppy seas of the cleaning industry, ensuring your venture isn't just a flash in the pan but a legacy that thrives and endures.

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