Are you eating healthy? Are the products you use in your home toxic?

This year has all been about change. We have had a lot of change happen in 2020 and we are still experiencing this. For some people change is hard and others it is easy peasy. ( I am one of those people) 

I recently decided to take a step back and cut back on my clients for cleaning and I am now focusing on PUR Evergreen™ and professional organizing. Going into these homes and when I open under the sink products on top of more products fall on me. Not just any products but toxic, I am gonna run out of the room cleaning products. I remember why I developed PUR Evergreen™ and that was to give families a healthier and more simplified cleaner that would clean EVERYTHING in the home. Not only would that save you a lot of mula but also so much more space you can reclaim. 

When we allow the toxic cleaning products we use in our home what we don't realize is those bad chemicals are entering our body. You may eat healthy but what you are putting in your home can be harming you and your family members. 

Take a look at all the products in your home and you decide if your family is worth taking the change to switch to a natural cleaning product like PUR Evergreen. We recommend starting off with the Starter DUO Set. When you get low you can re order and fill up the bottles it came with. Go here to buy now.