Harmony Aromatherapy™ Tea Tree Essential Oil

Harmony Aromatherapy™ Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea tree essential oil is known for many uses.  It is a great oil to have in a child’s first aid kit.  It is used in hair care products as well as many other personal care products and for acne. It is also known for its anti-fungal properties and is used often in treating foot and nail fungus. Combine 15 drops with ½ cup witch hazel and ½ cup distilled water as a foot soak to combat foot odor and fungus. 

Plant Part: Leaf

Method: Steam Distilled

Aroma: Pungent, Earthy, Herbaceous

Blends well with: Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus

Cautions: Always dilute with a carrier oil when applying to the skin. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your physician before use if pregnant. External use only.

Common Use: Dilute 3-5 drops in 1 oz of carrier oil (almond or coconut) when applying 

topically. In your diffuser of choice, add 2-3 drops.