Organic natural gift set with New Zealand Hand made wool dryer balls for your laundry, biodegradable Swedish Dish Cloths for your kitchen and counters to clean with, all natural all in one all purpose organic house cleaner.

Natural Home Gift Set

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 NATURAL HOME GIFT SET is the complete package to your home! 

Looking for a gift for a baby shower? What about your awesome employees? Or how about if you are a lender or realtor and you need a gift for your wonderful client at the closing table? What about a gift for a friend in need? Or a gift for YOU! 



PÜR Evergreen Happy Hippie  Color 6 LARGE Wool Eco Dryer Balls

are an all natural organic fabric softener made from 100% premium New Zealand wool. We worked closely to a wonderful fair trade company that our organic wool dryer balls are individually hand felted for fair wages in ethical and environmentally-friendly working conditions. They are 100% natural and eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, 100% waste free. They reduce drying time by up to 40%, while leaving your clothes extremely soft and fluffy. Chemical free, with no fillers or additives, unscented, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, great for those with allergies or sensitive skin. PÜR Evergreen Happy Joyful Natural Wool Dryer Balls can be used up to 1000 loads! The movement in the dryer will help separate your towels, clothing items and sheets causing the air and heat to circulate and dry faster. As your laundry dries, the dryer balls will fluff and evenly in the dryer eliminating wrinkles and reducing static while providing a softer feel to your fabrics. Save money, energy and time with using our hand crafted wool dryer balls. Sometimes we want a little scent to have fresh smelling laundry. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to each ball before each cycle. Our beautiful natural set of 6 extra large wool balls, comes in a hand sewn organic cotton bag. Our organic wool dryer balls are fair trade from local communities that are hand-felted by artisan women in Nepal and creating employment to help these women to support themselves and their families. They are receiving fair wages and salaries and have good working conditions. Join the eco friendly family and stop using chemically treated dryer sheets and fabric softeners that contain harmful chemicals. Be sure to buy our eco friendly products and our PÜR Evergreen Happy Joyful Natural wool organic dryer balls. Let us simplify your life naturally. Hand crafted with love and joy.


PÜR Evergreen® Swedish Dishcloth 4 pack Set

The original Swedish dishcloth material was invented by a Swedish engineer in 1949. PÜR Evergreen dishcloths are made with this same material: 70% wood cellulose from FSC certified forests and 30% cotton. We take pride in have natural sustainable products. They can be machined washed up to 200 times and hung dried for best results. They can be used for washing dishes, wiping down surfaces, used on your body as a wash cloth or makeup remover and so much more! Best of all they are biodegradable! 


PÜR Evergreen® All Natural Cleaner DUO Collection

This is a perfect size collection to get you started in your journey to having a happy healthy home. This collection is a combination of Sassy Spearmint and Eucalyptus Mint that will bring a fresh scent in your showers and your whole home without the harmful chemicals. This set is great for if you would like to have it in multiple locations of your beautiful home. Be sure to check out our refills! This amazing set will help save space under your sinks and you will be saving a lot of money. Replace all your other cleaners with just one cleaner. This is a great collection if you can't decide what you want. It also makes a great gift. This beautiful collection comes with a wonderful smelling fresh scent comes with one 2 fl oz refill bottles of Eucalyptus Mint and one 2fl oz Sassy Spearmint refills. Each bottle can make two 16oz spray bottles. It also comes with 1 16oz high quality Sassy Spearmint empty refill bottles and 1 Eucalyptus Mint empty refill spray bottles. Imagine the money you can save with one product! It even cleans stainless steel! * For a stronger cleaner use more of the concentrate.