Natural Cleaning product non-toxic cleaner  Sassy Spearmint and Eucalyptus Mint Spearmint

PÜR Evergreen® The Happy Tree Huggers Starter Collection

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This is a perfect size collection to get you started in your journey to having a happy healthy home. This starter collection is a combination of Sassy Spearmint and  Eucalyptus Mint that will bring a fresh scent in your showers and your whole home without the harmful chemicals.   This set is great for if you would like to have it in multiple locations of your beautiful home.  Be sure to check out our refills! This amazing set will help save space under your sinks and you will be saving a lot of money.  Replace all your other cleaners with just one cleaner. This is a great collection if you can't decide what you want. It also makes a great gift. 

This beautiful collection comes with a wonderful smelling fresh scent comes with two 2 fl oz refill  bottles of Eucalyptus Mint and two 2fl oz Sassy Spearmint refills.  Each bottle can make two 16oz spray bottles.  It also comes with 2 16oz high quality Sassy Spearmint empty refill bottles and 2 Eucalyptus Mint empty refill spray bottles.  Imagine the money you can save with one product! It even cleans stainless steel!